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Kildonan Cannery | Uchucklesit

Kildonan Cannery buildings viewed from above showing the buildings and wharves extending over the water

A view of Kildonan Cannery from above, as it was in 1928. The cannery building, boardwalks, and wharf are visible. Many of these structures were destroyed in an earthquake in 1946. Image courtesy of the Fisherman Publishing Society Collection, University of British Columbia.


49°00’13.1″N 125°00’06.3″W

  • Built in 1903 on western Vancouver Island by the Alberni Packing Co. Ltd.
  • Sold to the Wallace Fisheries Ltd. in 1906
  • Housed a saltery, fish reduction plant, and can-making facilities
  • Albacore tuna was canned at the site after 1939
  • Closed in 1946 and the property was sold in 1965