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From Tides to Tins documents B.C.’s salmon canning industry from 1870 to 2017.

The story of canning in British Columbia is a story built on the rugged geography and rich natural resources of the West Coast of British Columbia that reveals the complex, multicultural social and economic history of the communities that grew to support this industry. It is also a story of technological innovations and environmental changes that transformed the industry over time.

This website provides an introduction to the industry by documenting each of B.C.’s salmon canneries and exploring the historical context of the industry.

If you have more information about a particular cannery or would like to share your knowledge or stories of working in a cannery, please contact the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society using the feedback form.

Interior of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site featuring a mannequin of a fisherman standing in a wooden skiff holding a gillnet. Two people are waling beside the exhibit. Other exhibits are visible in the background.