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Home Plant

Canadian Fishing Company Home Plant buildings with fishing vessels around the building.

Canadian Fishing Company Ltd.’s Home Plant at the foot of Gore Street in Vancouver, 1965. Image 10557 courtesy of the Vancouver Public Library.

Home Plant refers to the head office and main plant of the Canadian Fishing Company (Canfisco), one of the larger and longest operating fishing companies in B.C.


49°17’09.6″N 123°05’50.3″W

The Home Plant was built in 1918 and was the company’s first venture into salmon canning. Already established as a fish processing company, Canfisco saw success with canning, and soon was competing directly with BC Packers Association Ltd. Home Plant is still operating at the foot of Gore Avenue on Vancouver’s industrial waterfront.

When Canfisco consolidated their operations in the 1930s, they transported fish from other plants, such as Gulf of Georgia Cannery, to the Home Plant for processing. The canning lines shut down at Home Plant in the 1990s, but the facility still processes other products.

Alvah L. Hager was Canfisco’s first president. He established the company’s position on the coast, by buying smaller outlying canneries in the 1920s. In 1937 following the ratification of the Pacific Salmon Treaty, Hager was appointed to the International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission, and served as its first Chairman. He passed away in 1948, having spent a long career working with Canfisco and the government to improve conservation of fish stocks in both Canada and the United States.

Aerial photograph of the plant with fishing boats moored around it. City of Vancouver buildings in the background.

Canadian Fishing Company Ltd.'s Home Plant at the foot of Gore Street in Vancouver, 1965. Image 42685 courtesy of the Vancouver Public Library.

Group of men pose on the "Manhattan", a halibut boat in front of the Canadian Fishing Co. Home Plant. "New Englad Fish Co." and "Canadian Fishing Co." are painted on the side of the plant. "Vancouver B.C." is inscribed at the bottom of the image.

Group of men on the halibut boat, the Manhattan, circa 1910. The ship is moored in front Canadian Fishing Company Home Plant. Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society Archives G2009.014.001