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The Gulf of Georgia Cannery becomes a National Historic Site

Statues are of a net mender sitting on a bench and two standing workers facing him. Gulf of Georgia Cannery is in the background.

Three bronze figures of cannery workers in front of the Gulf of Georgia facade. Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society Archives G2010.031.005

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery is located in the fishing village of Steveston, the largest commercial fishing port in Canada. The Cannery is built in 1894 and until 1902, is known as the “Monster Cannery” among more than 15 canneries that occupied cannery row on the Steveston waterfront.

In recognition of the importance of the canning industry’s role in B.C.’s history, the Federal Government designates the Gulf of Georgia Cannery a national historic site in 1976. The Gulf of Georgia Cannery is representative of the many canneries that once existed along the B.C. coastline. The Gulf of Georgia Cannery’s exhibits and tours share the stories of the west coast fishing industry.