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Skeena River Commercial Cannery | Anglo-Alliance | British American | Peter Herman

Skiffs are lined up along the beach at low tide in front of cannery buildings.

Skeena Commercial Cannery, c. 1910s. Image C-04940 courtesy of the Royal BC Museum and Archives.


54°09’36.4″N 129°57’56.1″W

  • Established as the Anglo-Alliance Cannery in 1898 at Port Essington on the Skeena River by Peter Herman
  • Purchased by the Skeena River Commercial Co. in 1904 and renamed
  • When the neighbouring British American Cannery burned down in 1923, the Anglo-British Columbia Packing Co. leased the Skeena River Commercial buildings
  • Cannery was renamed the British American Cannery after its purchase by ABC Packing in 1925
  • Operated until 1936 when the machinery was moved to the North Pacific Cannery