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Sooke Harbour Fishing and Packing Co. Cannery

Wooden structures built in the water stretch across the harbour.

The Sooke Harbour fish traps extended across the harbour, and were extremely profitable. Image B-03640 courtesy of the Royal BC Museum and Archives.


48°22’09.7″N 123°43’33.4″W

  • Built in 1918 at Sooke Harbour on southern Vancouver Island by the Sooke Harbour Fishing and Packing Co., an American company from Port Townsend
  • Processed salmon that were caught in the Sooke Harbour fish traps
  • Amalgamated in 1922 with J.H. Todd & Sons and became a subsidiary company
  • After 1922 J.H. Todd & Sons closed the cannery and salmon were transported to Empire Cannery in Esquimalt for processing