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Paramount Cannery

Paramount cannery buildings as seen across the company parking lot. The words "Paramount Cannery, Nelson Bros. Fisheries Ltd." are painted on the side of the building.

Two buildings in the Paramount Cannery complex, 1977. Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society Archives G2004.008.008.019


49°07’09.1″N 123°09’53.4″W

  • Built in 1957 on the Steveston waterfront by Nelson Brothers Fisheries
  • First new cannery in Steveston in 50 years
  • It was the only Steveston cannery built on landfill not pilings
  • Plant was purchased and closed by BC Packers Ltd. in 1968 and converted to a net shed
  • Cannery buildings are now used by the Steveston Harbour Authority and the Fisherman’s Boot Café