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Prince Rupert Fisheries Plant | Old Oceanside

Cannery buildings, docks, and boats with water in the foreground.

Oceanside Cannery in Prince Rupert, 1953, shortly after it was re-opened by Canfisco. Image I-28893 courtesy of the Royal BC Museum and Archives.

1940-1942 and 1950-1971

54°18’26.1″N 130°20’34.7″W

  • Built in 1940 on the Prince Rupert waterfront by Nelson Brothers Fisheries
  • Closed from 1942-1950 when the site was used by American military forces
  • Reopened in 1951 as Oceanside Cannery by the Canadian Fishing Co.
  • Closed in 1971 after a dock fire destroyed the facility
  • New Oceanside Cannery was built on the same site in 1972